Yarsa is the journey of your inner evolution. It begins in Nepal – in a peaceful meditation, in a Himalayan trek, and in philosophical conversations – and lasts a lifetime.

About Yarsa

Our name Yarsa comes from Yarsagumba, which is a summer-grass winter-bug Himalayan herb.Thus our travel and research packages inculcate both these sprits, guiding one to tread through the middle path. We celebrate both adventure and calmness.

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Eat Pray Love

Villagers working the field, mount annapurna in the background
Annapurna Village Circuit

Travel forward into the age of simplicity.

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annapurna base camp in an early morning before sunrise full of snow
Infinite Trek

Don’t just exist, live.

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Secluded in the arcades of the formidable Himalayas, Nepal has a lot to offer for research. In the deep eyes of faithful devotees or the tales of the industrious grandfathers, you will find stories that resonate with your heart. It’s mystic – inexplicable yet so ardent.

The vastness of academia spills itself in Nepalese humanity and society. Be it the study of the universality of human ethics or the application of social policies in unprecedented circumstances, Nepal presents the tapestry for the exploration of your artistry. Welcome.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

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